Affiliate Marketing Is A Low-Cost Home Business Start-Up

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Advantages of an Affiliate Marketing Home Business


Affiliate Marketing is ever-growing in its popularity as a work from home business. With today’s economy of long hours, long commutes, stress and over-stretched family budgets, more people are considering Affiliate Marketing as a home business to make money online with the view to additional income or to replace their day job and make it their career.

A further reason is that Affiliate Marketing is becoming so popular is because it really is considered to be a low-risk and it allows people to make money online, from the comfort of their home or wherever they have online access.

Another reason Affiliate Marketing is growing in popularity, it offers the opportunity for just about anyone to start their own online business with relatively low start-up costs.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you are new to the term you may very well ask: What is Affiliate Marketing and what is it all about?

  • Basically, you promote quality products, services and/or programs.
  • You make money when your site visitor makes a purchase on the merchant’s site after clicking on your affiliate link. It’s a very simple process and if done correctly, it can be very profitable.

So in this post, I am going to go over some advantages of why Affiliate Marketing is a great option for working from home and making money online.

Affiliate Marketing Has Minimal/Low Start-Up Costs

Legally, Affiliate Marketing is considered to be a business. You will need to check with your state and/or county to see what licensing is required. The cost for obtaining the licensing varies but it’s typically low, and in many areas and countries there is no cost at all or licensing requirements. That is, except to register your tax details and declare the income in your returns.

Since Affiliate Marketing is done online, so you don’t need to open a brick and mortar store. You start your Affiliate Marketing business from the comfort of your home. So for the most part, all that is needed is an internet connection and a computer (laptop or desktop).

Now if you are new to Affiliate Marketing, then you will need to learn it from one source or another. There is an abundant amount of free information on the internet about Affiliate Marketing and how to do it. A lot of it is very helpful, however (in my opinion) but I have found it to be incomplete and much of it can be misleading.

How Train in Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner and What to Be Aware of!

As I have stated in my About Me Page I believe that you should obtain some training from someone who has been successful at it so you too can be successful.

If you don’t know anyone personally, be aware there are swathes of supposed experts on the web who all claim they have the secret. In most cases, they are peddling re-hashed information.

Most long video presentations by these supposed experts will sound very convincing, but at the end of it have a high price tag that in most cases is over-inflated.

Be aware that many attractive training presentations on a promotional page can have a reasonable price. What isn’t disclosed is that there are more purchases to be made for the full training. So you end up needing to pay a huge amount more if you want the “best” rated method!

Should you not be able to obtain your Affiliate Marketing training from a personal friend or a proven trainer, I recommend by that you take a week free trial with a proven training program and see for yourself by clicking here

For various reasons, I recommend that you purchase your own web hosting, so that you may set up your own site.

This is because you want to ensure that your web host can handle your traffic.

Should you decide to sign up and become a member with Wealthy Affiliate to train at the link I mentioned above, you will have premium hosting included.

You also want the security of having your Affiliate Marketing site not mysteriously disappearing one day which can happen with the free hosting.

Additionally, you want to be able to create a unique Affiliate Marketing website, one that separates you from the rest. With the package at Wealthy Affiliate you will also be provided with all the tools and advice to do exactly that.

 You Don’t Need Space Heavy Investment in Inventory

One of the best things about Affiliate Marketing is that you do not need to carry any inventory/stock. As noted above, you promote quality products, services and/or programs. So inventory is not a problem since you want your site visitors to click on your affiliate links. Since there is no inventory, you have no costs.

No Employees – So No Salaries To Pay

With Affiliate Marketing, the only employee is you. It’s your business, so all the work get’s done by you. So other than your time, there is no cost.

Now there may be times where you don’t have the expertise of certain aspects of your Affiliate Marketing business. That is where you rely on the knowledge of your training program, assuming you have opted for that.

There may be other times when you feel you don’t have time for some tasks, but you have the freedom to put it off until another day if it isn’t a top priority.

You may also outsource the work, for a cost which can be very minimal or a modest expense from sites like Fiverr, Upwork or iWriter. This becomes an option to give you more free time when your website is producing an income. Until it reaches that stage, doing it yourself is the best option unless you have the capital to invest form the very start of your business,

Minimal Customer Service

As noted above, Affiliate Marketing does not require having any inventory. So, you really don’t have to deal with Customers. Now there is some Customer Service when prospective clients contact you through the web form on your website however it’s very minimal in which there is no cost to you.

No Financial Transactions Handled.

Your website is the means of displaying and describing the product on offer from merchants. This may take place via an image, or link in the text on your site which acts merely  as a means of referral to the merchant’s website. The financial transaction will then take place on the merchant’s website. Your referral to them is tracked to your account to be credited with commission from the sale.

Optimizing Sites For Search Engines – Means No Paid Advertising Needed

Once you have set up your affiliate marketing site you will be adding content, by writing descriptions and articles that will improve in quality. You will during your training learn to do search engine optimization or SEO as it is popularly known. As you become more proficient at these skill to build your business.

The result of your articles and SEO will mean that your website will climb in rankings as it rises in authority to the point where people will begin to find your pages in their search input. This means that you will not need paid advertising which can be expensive. The natural traffic you will be getting from the rankings you attain is all free.

An affiliate marketing home  business can run it itself for periods of time which releases you to set up a second or third website in different niches. You could be building multiple streams of income and leave them to run themselves, as I do and take regular vacations!.

From all that I have written above, you have had information that has been tried and tested and as you will have recognized, there is a huge learning curve. I achieved success by trial and error, searching for information by burning the midnight oil doing it.

That approach took me three times as long to reach an income-producing business. I lost a huge amount of time and made many mistakes. The shortest route and the low-cost route is to enroll in a recognized all-inclusive training program.

I can, in all honesty, recommend Wealthy Affiliate to any reader. I regret not doing it years before! I have gained so much additional knowledge that I did not have a clue about.

When you join on a week’s trial, you will meet retired people who have supplemented their income successfully over the years. You will meet single parents or moms needing to work from home to be with the kids. Success stories that will amaze any reader who decides to take a tour around and try out the training.

The cost of the membership is a big saving compared to wasting money on trying out “cheaper” programs and failing. Affiliate marketing is really a low-cost method for ordinary people to start a home business with Wealthy Affiliate. Take the Tour by clicking here. No credit card details required. 

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